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LAURINBURG — Scotland County Church Community Services Coordinator Denise Riggins wants residents…….


LAURINBURG — Scotland County Church Community Services Coordinator Denise Riggins wants residents to know there is still help available for repairs due to recent hurricane damage.

“The funding that is available is for houses that were damaged during hurricanes Matthew and Florence,” said Riggins. “If someone is still in need of repairs related to those two hurricanes they may call me at 910-266-8330.”

Riggins said once she has received the call from those needing assistance, she will then submit their need to UMCOR.

“I can also provide them with other websites,” Riggins said. “Also, if there are local landlords who need assistance updating properties to make them livable for tenants I have a referral to an agency that might be able to help make those repairs.”

These properties, according to Riggins, do not have to be hurricane-damage related.

“This is part of the COVID relief funding passed last year,” said Riggins “It is meant to help landlords so that more properties are available for rent.

“On a completely different note, there is still limited funding available through the ‘Back At Home’ program for those homeless or facing homelessness and for landlords who may have properties that need repair in order to pass inspection for rental,” continued Riggins. “Landlords may call me for a referral to that program.”

According to Riggins, the program may pay up to $1,500 in repairs for a landlord to make his or her property rentable for a Back At Home client.

“These clients are clients who are eligible for assistance with up to six months rent and utilities,” said Riggins. “With the assistance of the several large donors in Scotland County, we at CCS have been able to assist over 60 families that were homeless or facing homelessness in the last year due to the pandemic. For many, we were only able to offer a few nights in a local motel, food, clothing and referrals.

“I am happy to report that to date I know of 15 families or individuals that have found more permanent housing and 15 others who are on the list,” added Riggins. “We are just waiting for an apartment or rental house to open up.”

Church Community Services is located at 108 S. Gill St. and can be reached at 910-276-8330.

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